Cross Registration

SUNY Cross-Registration Agreement is for active matriculated graduate level students who wish to cross-register at another SUNY campus.  Cross-Registration is available in fall and spring semesters and on a limited basis in summer and J-term.  Transcripts are forwarded automatically to Buffalo State at the end of the semester.  Courses are recorded as credits earned (credit hours count toward program completion and final grades count in cumulative GPA).  Students participating in cross-registration at another SUNY college are charged tuition by Buffalo State.  Cross-registration eligibility is determined by a SUNY application.

Undergraduate students must maintain a 12 – credit – hour courseload at Buffalo State.   They may enroll for no more than one course elsewhere in any semester.  Students who fall below the 12 – credit – hour courseload at the college will forfeit any credit hours earned at another institution that semester under the cross – registration procedure. 

For graduate students, courses are taken on a space – available basis during the fall and spring semesters only.  Students must be registered for at least one course at Buffalo State in order to cross register at another institution.  International students must be registered for 9 credit hours at Buffalo State to participate. 

Detailed information about cross-registration can be on the Registrar's website.