Explanation of Terms

Full timeA student registered for 12 or more credit hours a semester is considered a full-time student.

Part time—A student registered for 1 to 11 credit hours a semester is considered a part-time student.

SemesterAn academic year at the college consists of a fall semester and a spring semester. Yearly expenses are twice the semester rate.

Resident (for tuition purposes)—As established by the State University Board of Trustees, an individual university registrant is considered a New York State resident and is charged in-state tuition rates when that individual is determined to have a permanent and principal home in New York State for 12 months prior to registration. Those who do not meet this requirement are presumed to be out-of-state residents and are charged out-of-state tuition rates unless satisfactory proof is presented to show that domicile in New York State has, in fact, been established.