Course by Contract

Students who have been accepted to a graduate degree program and are in good standing may request to take a course by contract by contacting the department offering the course. The instructor must be a member of the college’s graduate faculty, and the course must be among those already approved by the college.  Courses may be taken by contract only if they are not offered in the regular schedule during the semester involved.

Under this option, a graduate faculty member provides the student with a course outline, bibliography, and a statement of responsibilities and dates by which these are to be met. The number of student-instructor conferences, the type of evaluation, and the culminating activity is determined by the faculty member and the student prior to registration for the course. These requirements must be filed with the department chair. Before initiating a graduate course by contract, the student must register for the course using the Individual Graduate Study Application form, obtained from the department office or the Graduate School.  This form must be signed by the instructor, the department chair, and the school dean by the Individual Study Application deadline.