Course Challenge

A course challenge may be used to request college credit for a Buffalo State course when the course objectives and student learning outcomes have been previously met.  Each department determines whether credit for a successful course challenge may be applied to the major.

The following rules apply:

  1. A student must be matriculated to challenge a course.
  2. Department determines challenge method, which may include but is not limited to examination, portfolio, performance, or presentation.
  3. No credit will be awarded when the challenged course duplicates a course for which credit has already been earned (except in a specific case of repeatable course), a course for which a grade has already been earned, or a course in which a student is currently enrolled.
  4. Credit earned will be recorded as credit (CR) only rather than as a grade.
  5. A student may not receive more than 6 graduate credits through course challenge.
  6. The grade grievance policy can be invoked by a student who wishes to appeal an unsuccessful course challenge.