Academic Appeals: Waiver of Academic Regulations

Students are expected to adhere to all regulations of the college. However, unusual and extenuating circumstances may warrant a modification of certain regulations.

Students should not request a waiver of any regulations without very strong evidence to justify the waiver. Requests for waivers are made by completing an Academic Appeals Petition available in the Academic Standards Office, Twin Rise 100, or on the Academic Standards website.

The Academic Standards Office makes decisions on requests for waivers that do not relate to a student’s major after consulting with the Academic Appeals Committee. The Academic Standards Office decision is final. A minimum of one month is necessary to process academic appeals.

Decisions on requests for a waiver related to a student’s major are made by the appropriate department chair in accordance with procedures established by the department or area faculty. Requests for application of AP and/or transfer credit should be taken directly to the Admissions Office; these requests do not require an Academic Appeals Petition.