Why a Graduate Degree?

The twenty-first century economy has become increasingly complex, with advanced study beyond the baccalaureate degree now preferred for various careers fields and a prerequisite for promotion and advancement in many others. Occupations requiring a graduate degree at entry level—including public-service oriented careers is fields such as education and health care—are projected to be among the fastest growing over the next decade. Buffalo State offers over 60 graduate programs that enhance a student’s opportunities and career potential to meet these growing demands. The college has developed new degrees in dietetics, applied behavior analysis, conflict analysis and resolution, disaster and emergency management, business management, data science and analytics, urban education, public relations, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). These programs complement established areas of study such as education, speech language pathology, creativity and change leadership, criminal justice, multidisciplinary studies forensic science, and higher education administration. Buffalo State is endlessly connecting to emerging areas in the economy to provide even more variety for students. Lastly, our graduate programs also prepare students to pursue doctoral studies if they choose, and our faculty maintain a robust research agenda in their fields. Over 1,000 graduate students at Buffalo State discover an enriching and invaluable education when they enroll here.