Global Engagement Requirement

Discuss this requirement with your academic adviser. Students can satisfy the Global Engagement requirement through four options:

Option Description
Option 1 Study a Foreign Language
Option 2 Pass a Proficiency Exam at the Novice-High Level
Option 3 Participate in a Study Abroad Experience
Option 4 Participate in a Global at Home and Abroad Experience

For Option 1, students must demonstrate proficiency in a single foreign language equivalent to the successful completion of one year of college-level work (102-level proficiency or equivalent). For any waivers beyond the 102 level, see the Modern and Classical Languages Department for more information. 

Students who have successfully completed foreign language study at the high school level may register for the appropriate course. Successful completion of one language through the second year in high school satisfies the global engagement requirement. Proficiency in a foreign language also may be achieved by completing 6 credits on the College-Level Examination Program test (see section on Alternative Methods of Earning College Credit).

Sign language may be substituted for foreign language for students in all majors.