Explanation of Grades

S (Satisfactory), and U (Unsatisfactory) grades are reserved for graduate theses, student teaching or other field experience that is not suitably evaluated using standard letter grades. SD (Satisfactory with Distinction) is reserved for graduate theses. S, SD and U grades may be given only for courses so designated. Incomplete (I) Grades: An instructor may submit a grade of I (Incomplete) only when circumstances leading to a student’s failure to complete course requirements are known to be beyond the student’s control (e.g., serious illness or unavailability of material) and only when the department chair or program coordinator has been properly notified. The student must complete course requirements and the instructor must submit a grade change by the 10th week of the following spring or fall semester or the grade automatically converts to an E (Failure). In the event that the instructor who granted the I grade is unable to evaluate whether the student has fulfilled the course requirements during the stipulated time period, the chair or program coordinator takes responsibility for evaluating the student’s work and changing the grade.

A grade of N (Grade Delayed) may be submitted in the case of research work, or internship that carries forward from one semester to another.  When the work is completed, the instructor submits a grade change, replaced the N with a final grade.

A grade of IP (In Progress) is reserved for graduate students who have not completed their thesis or project requirement. When work is completed, the instructor submits a grade change, replacing the IP with a final grade. A grade of N (Grade Delayed) may not be submitted for a thesis or project.

A grade of NR (Not Required) must be submitted for any Thesis/Project Continuation (721) or Thesis/Project Extended (722) course.

A grade of W (Withdrawn) may be submitted only when a student has officially withdrawn from a course.