Repeating Courses

A student may repeat a given course once for which a C–, D+, D, E, or EV grade was earned. The repeated course must have the same prefix, number, title, and credit. The repeated course must be taken at Buffalo State. Only the passing grade and those credit hours completed will be used to calculate the GPA. Graduate students may repeat a maximum of two courses of the total degree program.

All grades remain on the permanent record. A passing grade will not replace a U grade, since the U is not computed in the GPA. Courses with letter grades A through C cannot be repeated. Illegally repeated courses are not used to calculate the cumulative GPA.

Practicum courses may differ. Contact the academic department.

Repeating courses affects financial aid. Contact the Financial Aid Office for the current policy.

Once a student has completed a master’s degree or certificate of advanced study, a final average for that degree or certificate is computed. Courses for that degree or certificate may not be repeated, and that final average is not affected by any subsequent coursework completed at Buffalo State.