Academic Minors

Buffalo State academic minors are specially conceived sequences of courses designed to allow students to achieve important goals. A minor may be used to complement the major course of study, broaden and enhance career opportunities, gain expertise in an area of interdisciplinary studies, or provide in-depth study in a subject of special interest. While an academic minor is an optional study program, students often find it an excellent way to make strategic use of all college elective courses.

Each minor program consists of 18–21 credit hours of coursework. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required for admission to a minor program, and at least three of the courses in each minor must be completed at the college.  Students may not elect a minor from the same discipline as their major program. A minor may include no more than 9 total hours that overlap with the student's major disciplinary requirements. A minor may include no more than 2 courses at a lower division level. Students who complete the minor with a minimum GPA of 2.0 will have the minor recorded on their official transcript.

Only matriculated students who intend to seek an under- graduate degree may be accepted into a minor program. A minor may be earned simultaneously only while completing a major degree program.

Students interested in selecting a minor program should contact the coordinating department as soon as possible and complete a Change of Major/Minor form. A listing of all minors and requirements is on file in each department and dean’s office. Only the coordinating department provides advisement on individual minors.

For a list of minors, please refer to Undergraduate Minor Programs at a Glance.