Intellectual Foundations 2014 Program Requirements

Intellectual Foundations 2014 Program Requirements The Intellectual Foundations 2014 (IF 14) program constitutes 33-39 of the 120 credit hours necessary for graduation, divided among 11 areas of knowledge and 3 areas of intellectual skills and competencies. In each of the 11 areas of knowledge, students may select from lists of approved courses. These lists are updated each semester, and only those courses that appear on the list during the semester the student successfully completes those courses may be applied to the IF 14 requirements. The 3 areas of intellectual skills and competencies in major courses or their equivalents.

The courses that meet the IF 14 requirement as of this printing are listed on the following pages with the specific categories and credit distribution. For up-to-date course listings:

If you have questions about the Intellectual Foundations 2014 requirements or which requirements you should be following, please consult your department office or the Academic Advisement Center, University College, South Wing 110, (716) 878-5223. For the most current information about Intellectual Foundations requirements, visit