Graduate Finances and Billing

Student Accounts Office
Moot Hall 260
(716) 878-4121

Electronic bills (e-bills) are the exclusive billing method for all Buffalo State student account balances. Paper bills are not mailed to students. Students should print their QuikPAY statement if needed. All e-billing notifications are emailed to the student’s Buffalo State email address.

Students are required to pay tuition and fees upon receipt of invoice with cash, credit card, or through a deferred payment plan. Deductions will be made under various financial aid programs upon approval of the Financial Aid Office.

Room and board charges must be paid prior to arrival on campus and are typically included in the e-bill covering tuition and fees. Rates listed in the e-catalog are subject to review and may change without prior notice.

Further information concerning payment, including important billing dates and how to pay by students or by authorized payers (e.g., parents) is provided on the Student Accounts billing page.

Explanation of Terms

Full Time

A graduate student who is registered for 12 or more credit hours a semester is considered a full-time student.

Part Time

A student who is registered for 1 to 11 credit hours a semester is considered a part-time student.


An academic year at Buffalo State consists of a fall semester and a spring semester. Yearly expenses are twice the semester rate.

Resident (for tuition purposes)

As established by the State University of New York Board of Trustees, an individual university registrant is considered a New York State resident and is charged in-state tuition rates when that individual is determined to have a permanent and principal home in New York State for 12 months prior to registration. Those who do not meet this requirement are presumed to be out-of-state residents and are charged out-of-state tuition rates unless satisfactory proof is presented to show that domicile in New York State has, in fact, been established.