Academic Organization

SUNY Buffalo State is organized into five schools: the School of Arts and Humanities, the School of Education, the School of Natural and Social Sciences, the School of the Professions, and the Graduate School. Each school contains specific departments responsible for the degree programs offered there. Each school reports to an academic dean who is responsible for the administration of the departments and the degree programs residing in that area. Students should consult with their dean, usually by appointment, when issues remain unresolved after having met with their department chair. All the major areas of study or interdisciplinary programs described below fall under the responsibility of one or more of the departments.

Each program description gives valuable information concerning all aspects of each course of study offered at Buffalo State. This information includes the department offering the program, the degree that is granted, an explanation of the program’s content and purpose, special admission requirements, required credit hours in the major field and outside of the field, the number of electives allowed, and total degree requirements.