Undergraduate Major and Minor Programs

Undergraduate Major Programs at a Glance

Major Program Degree HEGIS Code Buffalo St. code Department
Africana StudiesB.A.2211BA-AS AFSDean, A&S
AnthropologyB.A.2202BA-AS ANTAnthropology
ArtB.A.1002BA-AS ARTArt and Design
Art Education (K-12)B.F.A.0831BFA-AS AEDArt and Design
Art HistoryB.A.1003BA-AS ARHArt and Design
Arts and LettersB.A.4901BA-AS ALTDean, A&S
BiologyB.A.0401BA-AS BIOBiology
BiologyB.S.0401BS-AS BIOBiology
Business AdministrationB.S.0506BS-SP BSABusiness
Business and Marketing EducationB.S.0838.01BS-ED BMECareer and Technical Education
Business and Marketing EducationPTCP0838.01UG-PBC-ED BMECareer and Technical Education
Career and Technical Education1B.S.0839.03BS-ED CTECareer and Technical Education
Career and Technical EducationPTCP0839.03UG-PBC-ED CTECareer and Technical Education
CeramicsB.F.A.1009BFA-AS CERArt and Design
ChemistryB.S.1905BA-AS CHEChemistry
Childhood Education (Grades 1-6)B.S.0802BS-ED CEDElementary Education, Literacy and Educational Leadership Department
Childhood Education and English Extension (Grades 1-6 and English 7-9)B.S.0802BS-ED CENElementary Education, Literacy and Educational Leadership Department
Childhood Education and Mathematics Extension (Grades 1-6 and Mathematics 7-9)B.S.0802BS-ED CMTElementary Education, Literacy and Educational Leadership Department
Childhood Education and Social Studies Extension (Grades 1-6 and Social Studies 7-9)B.S.0802BS-ED CSSElementary Education, Literacy and Educational Leadership Department
Communication StudiesB.S.0699BA-AS COMCommunication
Computer Information Systems1B.S.0702BS-SP CISComputer Information Systems
Criminal JusticeB.S.2105BS-SP CRJCriminal Justice
Criminal Justice Combined Pathway (B.S. and M.S.)B.S. and M.S.2105BS-SP CRJ and MS-SP CRJCriminal Justice
Didactic Program in Nutrition and DieteticsB.S.1306BS-SP DIEHealth, Nutrition and Dietetics
Dietitian Education ProgramB.S.1306BS-SP DEPHealth, Nutrition and Dietetics
Early Childhood and Childhood Education (Birth - Grade 6, Combined Program)B.S.0522BS-ED ECCElementary Education, Literacy and Educational Leadership Department
Early Childhood Education (Birth - Grade 2)B.S.0802BS-ED ECEElementary Education, Literacy and Educational Leadership Department
Earth SciencesB.S.1917BS-AS EASEarth Sciences and Science Education
EconomicsB.A.2204BA-AS ECOEconomics and Finance
EconomicsB.S.2204BS-AS ECOEconomics and Finance
Electrical Engineering Technology , Electronics 1B.S.0925BS-SP ETEEngineering Technology
Electrical Engineering Technology , Smart Grid 1B.S.0925BS-SP ETSEngineering Technology
EnglishB.A.1501BA-AS ENG English
English Education (7-12)B.S.1501.01BS-AS ENSEnglish
English Education (7-12)PTCP1501.01UG-PBS-AS ENSEnglish
Environmental GeographyB.S.2206BS-AS EVGGeography and Planning
Family and Consumer Sciences EducationB.S.1301.1BS-ED FCSCareer and Technical Education
Fashion and Textile TechnologyB.S.1303BS-SP FTTEngineering Technology
FibersB.F.A.1009BFA-AS FIBArt and Design
Forensic ChemistryB.S.1999.20BS-AS FRCChemistry
GeographyB.A.2206BA-AS GEGGeography and Planning
GeologyB.S.1914BS-AS GEOEarth Sciences and Science Education
Graphic Design B.F.A1009BFA-AS GRDArt and Design
Health and WellnessB.S.0837BS-SP HEWHealth, Nutrition and Dietetics
HistoryB.A.2205BA-AS HISHistory and Social Studies Education
Hospitality Administration B.S.1307BS-SP HTRHospitality and Tourism
Individualized Studies1B.S.4901BS-UC INSDeans' Offices
Industrial Technology1B.S.0925BS-SP TECEngineering Technology
Interior DesignB.F.A.1009BFA-AS INTArt and Design
International RelationsB.A.2207BA-AS INRPolitical Science
JournalismB.A.0602BA-AS JBSCommunication
MathematicsB.A.1701BA-AS MATMathematics
Mathematics - AppliedB.S.1703BS-AS AMTMathematics
Mathematics Education (7-12)B.S.1701.01BS-AS MTSMathematics
Mathematics Education (7-12)PTCP1701.01UG-PBC AS MTSMathematics
Mathematics Education (7-12, 5-6 Extension)B.S.1701.01BS-AS MTXMathematics
Mathematics Education (7-12, 5-6 Extension)PTCP1701.01UG-PBC AS MTXMathematics
Mechanical Engineering Technology1B.S.0925BS-SP METEngineering Technology
Media ProductionB.A.0603BA-AS MDPCommunication
Metals/JewelryB.F.A.1009BFA-AS MJDArt and Design
MusicB.A.1005BA-AS MUSMusic
Music Education (Pre-K-12)B.Mus.1005MUSB-AS MUEMusic
PaintingB.F.A.1002BFA-AS PTGArt and Design
PhilosophyB.A.1509BA-AS PHIPhilosophy and Humanities
PhotographyB.F.A.1011BFA-AS PHOArt and Design
PhysicsB.A.1902BS-AS PHYPhysics
PhysicsB.S.1902BS-AS PHYPhysics
Political ScienceB.A.2207BA-AS PSCPolitical Science
Political Science/Law 3+3 Combined Pathway B.A./J.D.2207BA-AS PSC / JD-UB LAWPolitical Science and Public Administration
PrintmakingB.F.A.1009BFA-AS PRTArt and Design
PsychologyB.A.2001BA-AS PSYPsychology
PsychologyB.S.2001BS-AS PSYPsychology
Public Relations and AdvertisingB.A.0699BA-AS PCMCommunication
SculptureB.F.A.1002BFA-AS SCLArt and Design
Social Studies Education (7-12)B.S.2201.01BS-AS SSSHistory and Social Studies Education
Social Studies Education (7-12)PTCP2201.01UG-PBC-AS SSXHistory and Social Studies Education
Social Studies Education (7-12, 5-6 Extension)B.S.2201.01BS-AS SSXHistory and Social Studies Education
Social Studies Education (7-12, 5-6 Extension)PTCP2201.1UG-PBS-AS SSXHistory and Social Studies Education
Social Work1B.S.2104BS-SP SWKSocial Work
SociologyB.A.2208BA-AS SOCSociology
SpanishB.A.1105BA-AS SPNModern and Classical Languages
Special Education and Childhood EducationB.S.0808BSED-ED EXEExceptional Education
Speech-Language PathologyB.S.1220BS-SP SLPSpeech-Language Pathology
Technology Education B.S.0839.01BS-ED TEDCareer and Technical Education
Technology EducationPTCP0839.01UG-PBC-ED TEDCareer and Technical Education
Television and Film ArtsB.A.0603BA-AS TFATelevision and Film Arts
TheaterB.A.1506BA-AS THATheater
Urban and Regional Planning1B.S.2214BS-AS URPGeography and Planning
Wood/FurnitureB.F.A.1009BFA-AS WFDArt and Design
WritingB.A.10605BA-AS WRTEnglish

Undergraduate Minor Programs at a Glance

Minor Program Code Department
Africana StudiesAASDean's Office, Arts and Sciences
Apparel Construction and PatternmakingACPFashion and Textile Technology
Art HistoryARHArt and Design
Art TherapyATHArt and Design
AstronomyASTEarth Sciences and Science Education
Business EconomicsBECEconomics and Finance
Computer Information Systems1CISComputer Information Systems
Creative StudiesCRSCenter for Studies in Creativity
Criminal Justice1CRJCriminal Justice
Design (Ceramic, Fiber, Furniture, Jewelry)DESArt and Design
Digital Music ProductionDMPMusic
Drafting Technologies for Interior DesignDTDArt and Design
DrawingDRWArt and Design
Economic Policy AnalysisEPAEconomics and Finance
Energy SystemsENYEngineering Technology
English EducationENEEnglish
Environment and SocietyEVSEarth Sciences and Science Education
Environmental ScienceENVEarth Sciences and Science Education
Exercise ScienceESMHealth and Wellness
FashionFAHFashion and Textile Technology
Fashion DesignFASFashion and Textile Technology
Film StudiesFLMEnglish
Forensic AnthropologyFANAnthropology
French & Francophone CultureFFCModern and Classical Languages
Geographic Information SystemsGISGeography and Planning
GeographyGEGGeography and Planning
GeologyGEOEarth Sciences and Science Education
HistoryHISHistory and Social Studies Education
Hospitality AdministrationHTRHospitality and Tourism
Indigenous StudiesINGAnthropology
Intelligence AnalysisINACriminal Justice
Interior Design StudiesIDSArt and Design
International EconomicsIECEconomics and Finance
International RelationsIREPolitical Science
ItalianITAModern and Classical Languages
LeadershipLDRDean's Office, School of the Professions
Legal StudiesLGLPolitical Science
Literary StudiesLSMEnglish
Meteorology and ClimatologyMTCGeography and Planning
Museum StudiesMSTHistory and Social Studies Education
PaintingPTGArt and Design
PhilosophyPHIPhilosophy and Humanities
PhotographyPHOArt and Design
Political SciencePSCPolitical Science
PrintmakingPRTArt and Design
Professional FrenchPFRModern and Classical Languages
Public Administration and Nonprofit ManagementPUBPolitical Science
Religious StudiesRELPhilosophy and Humanities
Safety StudiesSAFTechnology
SculptureSCLArt and Design
Social WelfareSOWSocial Work
SpanishSPAModern and Classical Languages
Television Film ArtsTFATelevision Film Arts
Urban and Regional PlanningPLAGeography and Planning
Urban Civic EducationUCESocial and Psychological Foundations of Education
Women and Gender StudiesWGSDean's Office, Arts and Sciences
Major Program Degree HEGIS Code Buffalo St. code Department
Child Advocacy StudiesUndergraduate Certificate5620UGCT-AS CASPsychology
Digital Design and FabricationUndergraduate Certificate1009UGCT-AS DDFArt and Design
Environmental Science and SocietyUndergraduate Certificate0420UGCT-AS EVISchool of Arts and Sciences
Fiber ArtsUndergraduate Certificate1009UGCT-AS FIAArt and Design
Foundations in Theatrical DirectingUndergraduate Certificate1007UGCT-AS TDFTheater
Geographic Information SystemsUndergraduate Certificate2206UGCT -AS GISGeography and Planning
Health Promotion SciencesUndergraduate Certificate0837UGCT-SP HPSHealth, Nutrition and Dietetics
Jewelry ArtsUndergraduate Certificate1009UGCT-AS MJDArt and Design
Mathematical Logic Undergraduate Certificate1701UGCT-AS MTLPhilosophy
Sports CommunicationUndergraduate Certificate0601UGCT-AS SCOCommunication
Statistics In InsuranceUndergraduate Certificate1702UGCT-AS STIMathematics
Technical WritingUndergraduate Certificate1501UGCT-AS TEWEnglish
World Languages AdvantageUndergraduate Certificate1101UGCT-AS WLAModern and Classical Languages

Micro-credentials are a cluster of courses that verify, validate, and attest that specific skills and/or competencies have been achieved and are endorsed.  SUNY Buffalo State micro-credentials are local and may or may not be transferable to other campuses.




Communication Strategies for Individuals who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing or who have a Disability MCCD Speech-Language Pathology
Interior Design-Fundamental Theory & History MCID Art and Design