Evening Study

Buffalo State maintains no separate evening division. Instead, all students—whether part time or full time, day or evening—are admitted through the Admissions Office. As a result, the provision of basic college services is direct and efficient. Students enjoy the flexibility of being able to switch between day and evening schedules simply on the basis of the courses for which they register. The general programs, policies, procedures, and course descriptions throughout this catalog apply to day and evening students alike.

Of the college’s more than 100 undergraduate academic majors, the 10 available to evening students are career and technical education; computer information systems; electrical engineering technology, electronics; electrical engineering technology, Smart Grid; individualized studies; industrial technology; mechanical engineering technology; media production; social work; and urban and regional analysis and planning. Evening-available minors are computer information systems, criminal justice, quality, and safety studies.

The courses for each of these programs are sequenced over several semesters so that evening students are able to fit them into their schedules. Courses are offered on weekends and online.