Transfer Students

A student who has attempted at least 3 credit hours of college-level work at a college or university after receiving a high school diploma (or its equivalent) will be considered a transfer applicant. Transfer admission is based on academic performance in college and on space availability. All transfer applicants must submit an official final copy of their high school transcript prior to enrolling at Buffalo State. If 24 or more college credit hours have been taken at the time of application, all previous college academic records are reviewed; if fewer than 24 credits have been taken, the high school transcript and other supporting documents may be factored in the review process (see Freshman Admission).

A minimum GPA of 2.0 out of 4.0 is necessary for consideration, although some programs are very competitive and will require a higher minimum GPA for admission (e.g. admission to all education programs). Transfer students with 60 or more credit hours at the time of enrollment must apply for and be admitted to a specific program. Those with 59 or fewer credit hours may apply for undeclared status. No student who is on academic probation at another institution or who has been academically dismissed in the past year will be accepted.

Previously earned credit will be evaluated for all accepted transfer students. Accepted students may view their audit on Degree Works, the college’s online tool which shows your progress towards graduation (i.e. transfer credits, coursework completed and coursework required).

A maximum of 90 credit hours may be transferred from bachelor degree programs at regionally accredited institutions; with no more than 66 credit hours from associate degree programs at regionally accredited institutions.

Effective summer 2014, all new transfer and readmitted students at Buffalo State are required to fulfill Intellectual Foundations 2014 (IF 14) requirements regardless of their initial entry into the previous institution.

Students transferring to Buffalo State with an A.A., A.S., B.A., or B.S. degree are expected to:

  • Complete the SUNY GER Basic Communication with a grade of "C" or better, the mathematics requirement and 5 of the remaining 8 categories.
  • Earn a minimum 30 credits in SUNY GER courses.
  • Satisfy the SUNY Buffalo State diversity requirement.

It is important to note that only credit is transferable. Credit is granted only from institutions listed on the application for admission. Grades, quality points, and cumulative averages do not transfer. Additional information on transfer credit policies is available in the Academic Policies section. Students dissatisfied with credit evaluations may contact the Admissions Office.

Undergraduate Admissions assists transfer students in their transition to Buffalo State. Services include information regarding enrollment through the Dual Admissions and Joint Teacher Preparation Programs with local community colleges and assistance with resolving transfer-credit issues. The Admissions Office also serves as a resource in facilitating transfer articulation agreements between Buffalo State academic departments and programs at other two- and four-year colleges. Buffalo State reserves the right to evaluate all credit-bearing courses. Credit for courses from institutions that are not regionally accredited is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.