January Term (J-Term)

The January Term or J-Term is a three week mini-term that occurs during the first three weeks of January. It is an opportunity to earn 1-6 credits. 

  • Matriculated students must secure approval from an appropriate academic adviser to register for more than 6 credit hours.
  • Probationary students seeking to override the 6 credit hours limit must make the request at their dean’s office.
  • Cross-registration is not permitted during J-Term.

For federal aid financial aid processing:

  • J-Term is not considered a stand-alone semester, it is part of the spring semester.
  • Students identified as ineligible for federal financial aid after the fall semester, cannot regain their aid eligibility for the spring semester by attending J-Term.
  • A separate aid application is required to be considered for J-Term financial aid. The application is available in November of each year and it can be found at the following location:  suny.buffalostate.edu/applying#sessions

Tuition and Fees

Students are charged per credit hour for J-Term and a separate bill will be generated. J-term charges are not included with spring charges.