Course Load

  1. Full-time status: Full-time academic status typically consists of a course load of 9 graduate-level credit hours per semester. Some departments, though, require that students take more credits for accreditation purposes (check with your department).
  2. Graduate assistants: Full-time academic status for graduate assistants is 6–9 graduate-level credit hours per semester. Final assignments are determined by the department supervising the GA appointment.
  3. Last semester of study: Full-time academic status is granted to students in their final semester of study if they are working full-time on a master's project or master's thesis. Advisers and department chairs must verify the student's workload in these cases.
  4. Finances: In determining billing status, students pay tuition based on the number of registered credits—up to 12 credits.
  5. Financial Aid: To be eligible for financial aid, students must be enrolled as matriculated students in an eligible program of study. Other guidelines vary depending on the type of aid. Various state and federal financial aid programs require that students be registered for 12 graduate credits; loans typically do not. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office or Graduate Studies for details and personalized counseling.
  6. Fully employed part-time students registered in the fall and spring semester should limit themselves to a maximum of two courses each semester.

Academic status designation does not guarantee eligibility for financial aid. Students should consult the Financial Aid office for eligibility guidelines.