Admission to All Education Preparation Programs

Applicants to education programs are required to have a minimum collegiate GPA of 3.0 and to submit scores from a national test (GRE or MAT or a nationally normed test recommended by your specific program).  The office of Continuing Professional Studies periodically offers the MAT test.  Information on the GRE can be found on the GRE website.  As per the regulations of the Commissioner of Education in the State of New York, currently certified teachers or educational leaders who already hold a graduate degree do not need to submit scores from national tests (GRE or MAT) and are thus exempt from that but only that requirement.  Other admissions criteria may apply.  Please consult program information.  Applicants who do not yet meet one or more of these minimum criteria should consult with advisers in the specific educator preparation program of choice for suggested pathways to achieve successful candidacy.