Undergraduates Enrolling in Graduate Courses

Undergraduate students who have completed more than 106 credits by the end of the previous semester at Buffalo State may register for graduate-level courses if they have maintained a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA. A maximum of 6 graduate credit hours may be taken as a senior unless enrolled in a combined undergraduate/graduate program. The combined enrollment of undergraduate and graduate courses should not exceed 15 hours per semester. Courses taken in this manner are related to a graduate program of study and will not apply toward an undergraduate degree with the exception of a combined undergraduate/graduate program where the student must seek advisement prior to registration. These courses may be applied toward an advanced degree if they are acceptable to the department. The six-year time limitation on the completion of the master’s degree program applies to these as well as to other credits.

An undergraduate request to enroll in a graduate course must be made by contacting the academic department offering the course. Permission must be granted by the instructor and department chair.