Arts and Letters (B.A.)

Program Requirements

Intellectual Foundations Requirements
33-39 credit hours33-39
Arts and Letters Major Requirements (39 credit hours)
Select a minimum of 21 credit hours upper division
Primary Concentration (18 credit hours)
Courses selected by advisement (at least 9 credit hours in upper division except student teaching) in one of the following areas:18
Art Education (with certain limitations)
Fine Arts
Modern and Classical Languages (not allowing 101-102)
Philosophy and Humanities
Secondary Concentration (9 credit hours)
Select a second area from list above (at least 3 of the 9 credit hours must be in upper division)9
Arts and Humanities Courses (9 credit hours)9
Senior Paper or Project (3 credit hours)
A capstone experience under the guidance of the faculty adviser, this activity must be approved by the adviser and the topic forwarded to the dean before work is begun.3
All College Electives
42-48 credit hours42-48
Total Credit Hours120