Chemical Analysis of Medicinal Plants (Microcredential)


Chemistry Department
164 Science and Mathematics Complex
(716) 878-5204

This microcredential is a two course sequence that examines instrumental methods for the chemical analysis of target analytes in both cannabis products and other herbal products for potency tests and quality control. It  explores the main categories of inorganic and organic toxins that may be present in cannabis and medicinal plants.  Upon completion students will have hands-on experience with the laboratory techniques needed for the separation, identification, and quantification of pharmacologically active substances and their metabolic products, terpenes, heavy metals, and pesticides in plant-based products.

Students in microcredential must have completed a medicinal plant chemistry course (e.g., CHE 327 or equivalent) and a lab-based course in instrumental analysis (e.g., CHE 404 or equivalent)