Completed Application Packet

A completed application packet includes:

  1. A completed Online Graduate Admission Application.
  2. A $65 nonrefundable application fee. Acceptable methods of online payment: Visa or MasterCard. Check or money order is also accepted made payable to Buffalo State.
  3. Appropriate supplemental application materials, such as department application, letter of intent, letters of recommendation, copy of teaching certificate, or recent exam scores as stated in the program description. It is the applicant’s responsibility to review the individual program admissions requirements before applying to determine if supplemental materials are required. Individual program descriptions may be found in the Graduate Programs section. Supplemental materials are available for download at from the Graduate School website.  Additional materials are requested from International applicants.
  4. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended must be sent to the Graduate School.  Hard copy transcripts must be received in sealed envelopes with other application materials. Buffalo State students are not required to submit transcripts, as the Graduate School will obtain Buffalo State transcripts; however, if applicant attended other institutions these transcripts must be provided even if sent at time of a previous application. In accordance with federal regulations, all students (except Buffalo State graduates) are required to submit a final transcript with a degree posted to the Graduate School by the start of their graduate work for financial aid eligibility.
  5. Master of Music Education application is entirely online.

Note: Failure to report all previous college attendance on the application is considered to be academic dishonesty. Discovery of such dishonesty can result in dismissal from Buffalo State.