Readmission to Graduate Study

Discontinuance Registration Procedure

Students who do not register for and complete one graduate course within two academic semesters (fall/spring) must apply for readmission to graduate study in accordance with established deadline dates and current admission requirements. Students who do not register for course work within one year of initial acceptance must reapply for admission. Those seeking readmission must follow the follow steps below:

  1. A completed Online Graduate Admission Application.  Follow instructions for applying as directed:
  2. A $65 nonrefundable application fee. Acceptable methods of online payment: Visa or MasterCard. Check or money order is accepted made payable to Buffalo State.
  3. Submit all transcripts (undergraduate and graduate) not on file in the Graduate School Office as well as all supplemental application materials as listed in current program admission guidelines.
  4. Submit the online application and other supplemental application program department materials to the Graduate School, Cleveland Hall 204, by the appropriate deadline.
  5. If degree candidacy was awarded during previous study, the student must complete a new degree candidacy application upon readmission. Any exceptions to the completion of a new candidacy must be approved by the academic department and recorded in Degree Works.

Academic Clemency Procedure

Conditions for academic clemency:

Any student with a Buffalo State graduate GPA of less than 2.0 is eligible to apply for academic clemency when he or she applies for readmission to the college through the Graduate School. The student's last semester of enrollment must have been at least three years prior to the application for readmission. Students can request clemency for up to two semesters of work (consecutive or non-consecutive). These semesters are to be determined by the student in consultation with his/her adviser. A decision of clemency includes all coursework taken within the semester(s) at Buffalo State; it is not selectively applied. Clemency is applied only after a student has registered for an upcoming semester.

  1. Clemency cannot be used by students who have already earned a degree for any work completed prior to the award of that degree.
  2. Credits for which the student has requested academic clemency will remain on the student’s transcript but will not be calculated into the overall cumulative average and will not count toward graduation. The student’s transcript will contain a notation of academic clemency.
  3. The student will be required to sign a statement indicating his/her understanding of the conditions stated in the academic clemency policy and will file a formal petition with the Graduate School. Such a statement will indicate that computation of the grade point average for admissibility to other graduate programs could include all college work completed.
  4. Students approved for academic clemency will be required to meet with their academic adviser in order to determine the appropriate selection of courses.
  5. Students will be advised that the decision to file for academic clemency may affect qualification for financial aid.
  6. The decision to exercise the academic clemency provision is final and irreversible.
  7. The dean of the Graduate School will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of this policy.
  8. Students eligible for academic clemency can apply for academic clemency by contacting the assistant dean of strategic and enrollment planning, The Graduate School, Cleveland Hall 204, (716) 878-5601.

Readmission for Returning Service Members

Returning service members seeking readmission after active duty will be readmitted with the same academic status if the following conditions are met:

  1. The student gave advance notice (written or verbal) of the call to active duty or submitted a written attestation upon seeking readmission that such service was performed necessitating their absence
  2. The absence from school for active duty does not exceed five years
  3. The student submits a notification of intent to re-enroll within three years after the completion of service or within two years after recovery from an illness or injury incurred during the service
  4. The separation from service was not dishonorable.