Second Major, Single Degree

A student may fulfill the requirements for two majors and receive a designation on the official transcript indicating the completion of a baccalaureate degree in one major with the fulfillment of requirements of a second major. The student must identify a primary major in which the degree will be awarded. In fulfilling the requirements of a second major, the student will make careful use of electives. The student completes an Application for Undergraduate Degree at the Registrar’s Office indicating on the application the degree major and the second major. Go to  for a link to a page where students can download a copy of the application. Upon receipt of the degree, the student’s transcript will contain two entries: the major degree and a notation that "this student has also completed all requirements for a second major in the appropriate area."

The primary major adviser does regular advisement of the student. Students opting for a second major should contact the department involved, request a review of their progress and academic advice concerning the second major, and complete a Change of Major form to be filed with the Registrar’s Office. Only one baccalaureate degree may be awarded for a four-year, 120-credit-hour program.