Categories and Credit Distribution

Under the Intellectual Foundations 2014 requirements, a student must complete the requisite number of credit hours in the following categories:  

Credit Hours Categories
0-6 Basic Writing and Oral Communication: CWP 101 and CWP 102 or equivalent
3 Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning1
3 Cognate Foundations: Arts2
3 Cognate Foundations: Humanities2
3 Cognate Foundations: Natural Sciences2
3 Cognate Foundations: Social Sciences2
3 Foundations of Civilizations: American History
3 Foundations of Civilizations: Western Civilization
3 Foundations of Civilizations: Non-western Civilization
0-6 Global Engagement3
3 Diversity
0 IF 14 Infused: Writing 3
0 IF 14 Infused: Critical Thinking
0 IF 14 Infused: Information Management
33-39 Total credit hours
Students may count mathematics and quantitative reasoning, foundations of civilizations, diversity, and global engagement courses toward their major and minor requirements.