History and Social Studies Education

Andrew D. Nicholls, PHD, University of Guelph, Chair and Professor (1996)

John D. Abromeit, PHD, University Of California-Berkeley, Professor (2009)

Daniel M. Blum, MA, SUNY College At Buffalo, Lecturer (2002)

Bridget Maria Chesterton, PHD, SUNY At Stony Brook, Professor (2007), Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities (May 2016)

Martin F. Ederer, PHD, SUNY At Buffalo, Associate Professor (1998)

Jill M. Gradwell, PHD, SUNY At Buffalo, Professor (2004)

York A. Norman, PHD, Georgetown University, Professor (2007)

Kenneth J. Orosz, PHD, SUNY At Binghamton, Professor (2008)

Dana F. Serure, EDD, SUNY At Buffalo, Assistant Professor (2018)

Noelle J. Wiedemer, MA, SUNY College At Buffalo, Lecturer (2014)