State University of New York

Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Merryl H. Tisch, Chair
  • Cesar Perales, Vice Chair
  • Joseph Belluck
  • Courtney Eagles Burke
  • Eric Corngold
  • Marcos Crespo
  • Robert Duffy
  • James Haddon
  • Keith Landa, President, University Faculty Senate (UFS)
  • Eunice A. Lewin
  • Stanley Litow
  • Alexander Ruiz, President, SUNY Student Assembly (SUNYSA)
  • Edward Spiro
  • Cary F. Staller
  • Camille Joseph Varlack
  • Christy Woods, President, Faculty Council of Community Colleges

SUNY System Administration

John B. King, Jr. Chancellor
SUNY Executive Leadership
Ian Rosenblum Senior Vice Chancellor for Policy Implementation & Chief of Staff
F. Shadi Shahedipour-Sandvik Senior Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation & Economic Development & Interim Provost
Beth Berlin Senior Vice Chancellor for Operations and Management and Chief Operating Officer
Johanna Duncan-Poitier Senior Vice Chancellor for Community Colleges and the Education Pipeline
Valerie Grey Senior Vice Chancellor & Chief Hospital and Healthcare Operation Officer
Cheryl Hamilton Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Life, Opportunity Programs, & Student Advocate
Travis Proulx Vice Chancellor for Government Affairs & Marketing
Aaron Gladd Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Advisor for Operations and Management
Valerie Dent Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Deputy for Student Success
Kapil Longani Senior Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs & General Counsel
Donna Linderman Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Success
Ricardo Nazario-Colon Senior Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer