Graduate Thesis/Project Continuation Policy

Graduate students who do not complete their capstone thesis or project requirement by the end of the term in which they have registered will receive an IP grade on their transcript. Grades of I, N, and X should not be used for the capstone requirement. Once a student has:

  1. registered for the maximum number of credits included in their graduate programs' standard curriculum,*
  2. received an IP grade in the required thesis or project course(s),
  3. not completed the thesis or project requirement after two additional semesters have elapsed (not including summer or J-term),

the student must register for 722 Thesis/Project Extended (non-credit bearing but billable for 1 credit at existing graduate tuition rates) for each fall and spring semester until the thesis or project has been completed. If the student does not register for the 722 course, he or she will become an inactive student and will have to reapply for admission to the Graduate Studies Office and pay all other appropriate fees before the capstone project or thesis can be completed. Reapplication must be made in accordance with the established deadline dates and current admission requirements.

722 courses will receive a grade of NR. Once a student has completed the thesis or project, the IP grade(s) will be changed to the appropriate grade.

*A list of credits required in each graduate program will be created and reviewed by the academic departments. This list will be maintained and updated as necessary by the Graduate Studies Office.