Upper Division Criteria for Graduate-Level Courses

A course that has upper-division designation (600 or 700 level) reflects evidence of at least two of the following criteria:

  1. Prerequisite course or instructor permission.
  2. Course content, assessment, and learning outcomes demonstrating evidence of greater focus or depth in the content than 500-level graduate courses.
  3. Course content, assessment, and learning outcomes targeting a higher order of critical thinking (greater application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of subject) than 500-level graduate courses.

Course numbers indicate the level of the course and restrictions as follows:

500–599: Introductory or survey graduate courses (knowledge, understanding, and application of subject)

600–699: Courses that go beyond introductory level and involve in-depth study of a subject at the graduate level and that usually have prerequisites

700–799: Courses designed for and restricted to students matriculated in the departments’ degree or certificate programs

Refer to DOPS Policy IV:15:01