Transfer Credit

There is no automatic transfer of credit toward a graduate degree or certificate of advanced study. A maximum of 12 graduate-level credit hours of transfer work from an approved regionally or nationally accredited institution may be applied to a degree program or certificate of advanced study upon departmental/adviser approval. Academic departments reserve the right to allow fewer transfer credits. The applicability of transfer credit to a graduate certificate program is determined by the department. The 12-credit maximum does not apply to the master’s degree program in multidisciplinary studies, which allows a maximum of 15 credit hours of transfer work upon the principal adviser and advisory committee (if required) approval.

Specific restrictions:

  1. Transfer work must be a coherent part of the required program of study and be approved by the major department.
  2. Transfer work must be completed within the six-year period immediately preceding the date of graduation.
  3. Only grades of B (3.0) or better are acceptable for transfer. Grades of S (satisfactory) or P (pass) are not acceptable.
  4. Coursework taken to fulfill degree requirements for one degree may not be applied to an equivalent degree.  In rare cases, double counting coursework may be permitted for equivalent degrees in different professional areas contingent on departmental approval.
  5. For graduate certificate programs, at least 50% of the total credits must be completed through study at Buffalo State. Departments reserve the right to require more than 50% be completed through study at Buffalo State.
  6. Official transcripts must be submitted to the Graduate School from the institution where the coursework being requested for transfer was completed. The institution must be accredited by an approved regional or national accrediting agency.
  7. Transfer credit requested from institutions using the quarter system will be converted to semester hours using the following equation:
Quarter Hours Equals Semester Hours
1 quarter hour = 2/3 (.66) semester hours
2 quarter hours = 1-1/3 (1.33) semester hours
3 quarter hours = 2 semester hours

Transfer credit requests should be presented for consideration at the time the student applies for admission to the college or as soon as the coursework is completed. Approved transfer credit(s) will be included in the note section of Degree Works and communicated to the Graduate School.