Great Lakes Center

Science and Mathematics Complex 319, and
Field Station on Porter Avenue, Buffalo
(716) 878-4329

The Great Lakes Center (GLC) mission is to improve the quality of the environment by providing comprehensive and up-to-date science to enhance and sustain the ecological function of the Great Lakes’ ecosystems into the future. Facilities include a suite of laboratories in the Science & Math Complex, an aquatic research laboratory (field station) on a 7.5-acre site at the junction of Lake Erie and the Niagara River, and a fleet of research vessels.

Graduate students can complete either an M.A. or M.S. program in Great Lakes environmental science. Undergraduates can take several courses through departments that are offered by GLC or GLC-affiliated faculty and feature field trips to local lakes/streams or to the field station, use contemporary laboratory or field sampling equipment, engage in experiential learning aboard one of the GLC research vessels, or engage in educational experiences along the beautiful waterfront scenery at the field station.

The GLC supports research at Buffalo State, securing millions of dollars in external research funding over its history. Eighteen full-time faculty and staff and more than 25 affiliated faculty from eight academic departments at Buffalo State conduct research in aquatic ecology, fisheries, environmental toxicology and chemistry, urban ecology, watershed dynamics, and environmental education. More than 100 scientists from across the U.S. and internationally conduct collaborative research with GLC scientists. The GLC provides excellent opportunities for Buffalo State undergraduate and graduate students to participate in various research and educational projects related to the Great Lakes environment and annually employs more than 40 students, research assistants, and seasonal employees.