International Graduate Programs for Educators

South Wing 430
(716) 878-6832

The International Graduate Programs for Educators Office (IGPE) develops, manages, and delivers the master of science program in multidisciplinary studies and provides professional development for education professionals working at American/International Schools. Courses are delivered at the school site, either electronically or through a combined approach of on-site/online instruction depending on the course and the needs of the cohort.


IGPE-facilitated micro-credentials verify, validate, and attest that specific skills and/or competencies have been achieved and are endorsed by Buffalo State departments and programs. Approved micro-credentials have been developed through established faculty governance processes to be meaningful in application and high quality in design and implementation. IGPE facilitates four Buffalo State-recognized micro-credentials: (1) curricular, (2) professional pathways, (3) skill and competency, and (4) continuing education. The description for each micro-credential type can be found in the Buffalo State Directory of Policy Statements, Policy IV:18:00.