University Police

Chase Hall 100
(716) 878-6333

The State University Police Department at Buffalo State is the law-enforcement agency responsible for crime prevention and control, criminal investigations, traffic and parking supervision, physical plant security, disaster coordination, community policing, and the maintenance of public order. The department offers many special services, including personal-safety awareness education, a motorist assistance program, a safety escort service, and a found-property department.

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Crime Statistics Availability

A copy of the Buffalo State campus crime statistics as reported annually to the U.S. Department of Education will be provided upon request. Direct all requests to:

Chief of University Police
Chase Hall, Buffalo State College
1300 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222

(716) 878-6332

Information also can be obtained from the U.S. Department of Education website or the University Police  website.

Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking Services Office
Moot Hall 260
(716) 878-3041

The rules governing motor vehicles on campus are intended to ensure maximum pedestrian and vehicular safety and to establish the most convenient arrangements possible for students, staff, and visitors. Motor vehicles may park in any of the designated areas shown on the campus map. Only vehicles with special permits authorizing them to park in spaces designated for persons with disabilities are allowed to park in such spaces. All vehicles parked on the grounds of Buffalo State must display valid college parking permits.

Maps and parking permits are available in the Parking Services office, Moot Hall 260, and  online.

Parking is prohibited

  • on all roadways,
  • in all fire lanes,
  • on lawns, grass, or grounds,
  • on or over painted lines in parking areas or crosswalks, and
  • in such a way as to interfere with free and proper use of a roadway or pedestrian crossings.

UPD may authorize towing of any vehicle found to be in violation of the college’s rules and regulations. Violations will result in parking fines and/or summonses. The college assumes no responsibility for automobiles and/or their contents. Rules regarding parking for persons with disabilities are strictly enforced. Parking tickets may be paid online or in the Parking Services Office, Moot Hall 260, by Visa or MasterCard; or through U.S. mail by check or money order. Mail payments to Buffalo State Parking Services, Moot Hall 260, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222.