Dean of Students and Student Conduct & Community Standards Office

Campbell Student Union 311
(716) 878-4618

The Dean of Students Office provides leadership for defining and promoting campus wide expectations which are expressed through our Compact for a Civil and Caring Academic Community

The Compact for a Civil and Caring Academic Community is a set of principles that describe how those who live, study and work together as members of our college community should treat each other: with civility and respect, with care and concern, and with a commitment to the academic purpose for which Buffalo State College exists. The compact is meant to foster conversation, interaction, and reflection on behavior as a way to promote understanding of self and others in the context of a shared community. Use of the compact is encouraged to help promote the expectations arising from its premise that Buffalo State College is and should be a community grounded on the principles of civility and care. The dean of students works closely with students and student groups to further their intellectual, emotional, and social development. The dean of students serves as an advocate for the rights of students; offers individual student support; provides programs, services, and co-curricular opportunities; and contributes to policy development. The office will assist victims of sexual violence and assault and helps ensure compliance with victim rights under Title IX of the Civil Rights Act. The dean convenes a Students of Concern Care Team to respond whenever a student's behavior appears troubled or disturbed, creating cause for concern. The Students of Concern Care Team will investigate reports and determine appropriate action or referral.

The Student Conduct and Community Standards Office strives to promote student accountability and instill a sense of civic responsibility and respect in the Buffalo State College community by working with students, faculty, staff and other community partners in the enforcement of the Code of Students' Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities. The code is administered by the Student Conduct and Community Standards Office to provide students with a due process review of any complaints made by or against them. Hearing boards composed of students, faculty, and staff consider evidence and issue findings to respond to disciplinary violations.

We encourage students to practice positive and productive behavior both in and outside of the classroom. Students are responsible for reading, understanding, and abiding by the conduct in the Code of Students' Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities.

The Student Conduct and Community Standards Office works with multiple offices and departments on campus to address student concerns and provide support where needed.