Residence Life Office (On-Campus Housing)

Porter Hall
(716) 878-3000

A variety of on-campus housing options are available at Buffalo State, including traditional-style housing (Neumann, Perry, Porter, and Cassety halls) for first-year students; suite-style facilities (Towers 1-4, North Wing) for sophomores, juniors, seniors, and international students; and fully furnished apartments (Moore Complex and the Student Apartment Complex) for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Several units in Moore Complex are designated for students with dependent children (under the age of 18). Other housing options include honors student housing, Native American, Diversity, Music and Theater suites. Year-round housing is provided for students with dependent children (Moore Complex), international students, and students enrolled in summer classes on a space-available basis. All residence halls are smoke free.

The residence hall staff guides students in their living environment, promotes student health and safety, and provides encouragement, support, and assistance when needed.

Buffalo State Housing Residency Requirement

All full-time students are required to live on campus until they have earned junior-level standing (completion of 60 credit hours). Students who are married, single parents, veterans, age 21 or older, or commuting from the home of a parent or relative (aunt, uncle, brother, sister, etc.) within a 35-mile radius of the Buffalo State campus are exempt from this policy. Verification is required for students who wish to apply for an exemption from this requirement; contact the Residence Life Office.

Parking Information for Freshmen and Sophomore Resident Students

Freshmen (first-year college students) and sophomore (second-year college students) who reside in Buffalo State residence halls are not permitted to register or park a vehicle on campus. All students, regardless of level (including freshmen and sophomore), who reside off campus may register a vehicle for on-campus parking.

Pre-college credits, advanced placement credits, CLEP credits, and similar credits are not relevant to this regulation. Any credit awarded for coursework taken prior to high school graduation or during the summer does not change student status as it relates to being a first- or second-year college student.

Students entering their third year (i.e., fifth semester) at Buffalo State are eligible to register a vehicle on campus even if they have not completed enough credits to obtain junior standing. They are no longer considered first- or second-year college students. Students who begin as sophomores in the spring semester of an academic year are permitted to register a vehicle on campus for the coming fall semester, even though they may not have accumulated sufficient credits to attain junior standing.

Exceptions to Freshmen and Sophomore Parking Rules

Exceptions to parking registration rules for resident freshmen and sophomores will be considered for the following reasons:

Medical: Requires a letter from a licensed physician indicating a legitimate medical need. This letter should explain in detail the nature of the problem, the reason(s) for the student to have ready access to his/her own transportation, and the time frame being projected for this need.

Employment: Freshmen and sophomores are strongly encouraged to find employment either on campus or in the local community. Appeals for employment purposes should include a signed letter on company letterhead from the employer stating days and hours of employment. Letter must include employer’s telephone number. A current payroll stub may also be required.

Academic: Requires a legitimate written justification from a faculty member stating the reason for exception; a description of approved off-campus credit-bearing program must be included.

Other exceptional circumstances will be considered by the Parking Appeals Committee. Requests for exceptions to this policy are to be submitted in writing by the student to:

Director of Parking Services, Buffalo State College
1300 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222.

Requests will be reviewed by the Parking Appeals Committee. Decisions of this board are final and not subject to further appeal.

All waivers to this policy will be issued for a specific period of time as determined by the committee. If a student who has been issued a waiver to this policy receives a violation to the campus parking policy, the waiver will be revoked.