Weigel Health Center

(716) 878-6711

The Weigel Health Center provides health and wellness services for all registered students. In addition to diagnosing and treating illness and injury, the professional staff stresses health education and preventive medicine. Students are seen on an appointment basis or a walk-in basis if a clinician is available. There is no charge for most services. Laboratory services are available at Weigel Health Center. Some services may be sent to an outside lab which may result in insurance co-pays.

The Health Promotions program provides the campus community with workshops, trainings, events, and campaigns. Topics include: bystander intervention, wellness, stress, sexual health, tobacco prevention, alcohol and other drug abuse prevention. Internship and volunteer opportunities are available to students. Educational resources also are available for student research or classroom projects.

All students must be in compliance with New York State law regarding immunizations. Measles, mumps, and rubella immunizations are provided at no charge at the center for those students who need vaccinations. Students must be in compliance to register for classes. New York State Public Law and SUNY Buffalo State also requires that all students enrolled complete and return the Meningitis Information Response Form to Weigel Health Center. The form is available at weigel.buffalostate.edu/.

All full-time students (12 credit hours or more) are required to have health insurance. Students with their own health coverage must submit proof of insurance by completing an insurance waiver [online] by stated deadlines. Students who have not completed waivers will be automatically enrolled in and charged for the SUNY Buffalo State Plan. Students who lose their existing insurance coverage at any time after completing the waiver are NOT automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan: students must request enrollment to be covered under the college’s student health insurance plan. Students are required to complete the online waiver annually before the September 30th deadline to prevent being charged for and enrolled into the college’s insurance plan. Part-time students are not automatically enrolled but may apply for coverage. Insurance provided by the College is administered by Consolidated Health Plan (CHP), utilizing Cigna Provider Network. The plan is affordable; has no deductible, with $10 copay for in-network doctor visits. Additional benefit information is available through the CHP website: consolidatedhealthplan.com/group/82/home

International students must purchase SUNY International Health Insurance or have comparable coverage. Waivers to opt out of the SUNY International Insurance must be submitted through this link: hthworldwide.force.com/SUNY