Student Government (United Students Government)

Campbell Student Union 402
(716) 878-6701

USG is the United Students Government, representing the students of Buffalo State since 1971. USG is headed by students who are elected each year by the undergraduate student body. USG is maintained with the support of a professional staff and funding through the mandatory student activity fee. In addition to the activities of the student government, USG supports over 60 funded and recognized student organizations, each providing general and specialized events and activities for students with diverse interests. Some of the services USG provides to students include the Dental Clinic, USG Game Room, Press Services, USG Media Sign, and Whispering Pines College Camp; a one square mile piece of property in Franklinville, New York with two visitor lodges for which USG member organizations are given priority to reserve.

USG consists of three operating branches of governance: the executive branch, responsible for establishing long-term goals for student government; the senate, the legislative branch of USG; and the judicial council. All undergraduate students are members of USG and are eligible to run for any elected position for which they are qualified.  Senate meetings are held every Tuesday night during the academic year at 8:45pm in the Assembly Hall of the Campbell Student Union and are open to the general student body to attend.