Freshman Admission

Admissions Office
Moot Hall 110
(716) 878-4017

Admission is based on academic performance in high school and on space availability. Successful applicants will be those who submit a completed application (i.e., application form, essay, and high school transcript) with a demonstrated competitive high school curriculum. Special attention is given to grades in math, English, science, history, and foreign language. Students who apply without demonstrated success in a competitive curriculum may be reviewed using a "holistic review" that includes a variety of factors (e.g., letters of recommendation, strength of high school program completed, extracurricular participation). Enrolling freshmen must hold a high school diploma, TASC/GED, or New York State-recognized equivalent. 

Please note: The State University of New York has suspended any required submission of SAT/ACT examination scores in determining undergraduate admissions eligibility for all SUNY four-year degree granting colleges. This is a temporary change of admission eligibility requirements applying to the spring 2024, fall 2024, and spring 2025 admission cycles only.