Students who attended Buffalo State previously in a matriculated status and wish to re-enroll must apply for a specific program and have their applications reviewed by the appropriate department. Readmitted students are required to follow the major/degree requirements in effect for the semester in which they are readmitted, as outlined in the undergraduate catalog for that semester/year. If other courses have been taken at other institutions since leaving the university, official transcripts must be submitted. 

Undergraduate and graduate students who discontinue attendance without taking a leave of absence can register for classes, without applying for readmission. Baccalaureate graduates and undergraduate students with less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA retain registration eligibility for only one fall or spring semester beyond the semester in which they were last registered. 

Effective summer 2023, all new transfer and readmitted students at Buffalo State are required to fulfill General Education 2023 (GE23) requirements regardless of their initial matriculation date into a regionally accredited four-year institution or two-year college. Students who have been academically dismissed must wait one full year from the time of dismissal before being considered for readmission. If readmitted, all coursework taken previously will be considered in computing the cumulative average. 

Readmission forms are available online.