Academic Commons

The Academic Commons at Buffalo State provides a range of advising and tutorial services to help support student success. 

Academic Advisement Center

South Wing 110
(716) 878-5223

The Academic Advisement Center assists students in making the academic and personal choices that help them identify and accomplish their educational, professional, and personal goals. The Academic Advisement Center serves all Buffalo State College students.  While the advisers in the Academic Advisement Centers generally work with first-year students, any Buffalo State student who has a question is welcome to stop by for help.

Academic Learning Center

South Wing 330
(716) 878-5223

The Learning Center provides free peer tutoring and workshops for all Buffalo State students seeking extra help in their courses. Its team of peer tutors is ready to address questions regarding both coursework and scholarship. Tutors meet with students one-on-one or in small groups, handling an array of courses.

Math Lab

Buckham A203

The Math Lab is a great resource for all your math-related questions. Both professional and peer tutors are available to help with questions about your coursework. 

Writing Center

E.H. Butler Library 157 B

The Writing Center in Butler Library offers an array of free services to assist students throughout all stages of the writing process. Tutors are available to help students with brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, and any other writing needs or questions. Walk in or make an appointment online during open hours. 

Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC)

South Wing 330
(716) 878-5223

The Tutoring and Learning Center provides free professional and peer tutoring for all Buffalo State students seeking extra help in their courses.  Tutors can assist with a wide array of subjects, from foreign languages to the sciences to business and more.

Credit for Experiential Learning

South Wing 310B
(716) 878-5303

Buffalo State recognizes college-level experiential learning and regards such potential academic credit as similar to transfer credit. Students demonstrate that their experiential learning is comparable to specific Buffalo State credit-bearing courses. Such equivalence can be demonstrated through the course-challenge process or through portfolio preparation. Both options are ultimately reviewed by the appropriate academic department. Students may receive as many as 30 credit hours through experiential learning review. Any credit awarded will be recorded as credit (cr) on students’ transcripts, rather than by letter grade. Credit for experiential learning is limited to matriculated students at Buffalo State.

New Student Academic Programs

Twin Rise 100
(716) 878-6640

Buffalo State offers several programs and courses designed to help new students refine and strengthen academic skills that will serve as a basis for success. New Student Convocation set the academic tone for students’ entry to Buffalo State.  Learning Communities ( provide a cluster of courses that incoming first-year students take in common around a central theme or concept. These courses fulfill Intellectual Foundations general education requirements. In addition, LC students who are campus residents live in a shared residential area. All LC students—residential and commuter—have access to their own gathering places with computers and kitchens. They meet with other students, faculty, and professional staff members at special LC events. Courses, such as UNC 100 – Mastering the Academic Environment and UNC 111 – Career Planning: Theory and Practice, offer entering students access to small classes that assist with a successful transition to Buffalo State.  ​