Academic Advisement

Incoming freshman (first-time students) are each assigned a professional (staff) adviser upon entry into Buffalo State. Some departments choose also to affiliate students with major (faculty) advisers in their first year. As a result, every incoming first-time student will have one or more adviser. Transfer students are assigned their faculty adviser within their major, or a professional adviser if they are undeclared.

Each professional adviser is affiliated with a department or set of departments. Professional advisers work with first-time students through their first 24 credits. Students with a declared major are assigned a faculty adviser within their major once they have completed 24 earned credits. Undeclared students continue with a professional adviser until they have declared a major and earned 24 credits.

Advisement for students affiliated with the Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) should contact EOP for advisement. All other advising inquiries are addressed in the Advising Center, Butler Library 149.

Refer to Role of Students and Faculty in the Advisement Process.