Repeating Undergraduate Courses

Repeating Undergraduate Courses at Buffalo State

A student may repeat a given course once for which a C-, D+, D, or E, EV, F, OR U grade was earned. The course must have the same prefix, number, title, and credit hours. The repeated course must be taken at Buffalo State. Only the higher of the two grades and those semester hours completed will be used in determining the GPA. A student may not repeat a course a third time.

All grades remain on the permanent record. Students may not use pass-fail to repeat a course for which a C-, D+, D, E, or EV grade was earned. Courses must be repeated in the same grading mode as the first attempt. A passing grade will not replace an F or U grade since F and U are not computed in the GPA. Courses with letter grades above C- cannot be repeated. Courses that were illegally repeated will not be used in computing the cumulative average. Practicum courses may differ. Check with the department that offered the course. Repeating courses affects financial aid. Check with the Financial Aid Office for more information regarding repeating courses and financial aid policy.

Once a student has completed a bachelor’s degree, a final average for that degree is computed. Courses from that degree may not be repeated, and that final average is not affected by any subsequent coursework at Buffalo State. 

Repeating Undergraduate Courses at Other Institutions

A Buffalo State course in which a C-, D+, D, E, EV, OR F grade was earned may be repeated at another institution provided the student has received prior department approval of course equivalency and filed the appropriate off-campus study form through the Registrar’s Office

A minimum grade of C is required for transfer credit to be applied as a repeated course. The transfer credit will count toward degree completion, but the transferred course grade will not be included in the overall Buffalo State GPA. Upon transfer of the repeated course, the Buffalo State course will be excluded from the GPA and will be so indicated on the transcript.

No more than 16 credits may be awarded through course repeat at another institution. Transfer credits obtained through course repeat outside of Buffalo State will count toward the maximum transfer credit allowance.

Refer to DOPS Policy I:16:08.