Role of Students and Faculty in the Advisement Process

Effective academic advisement is the interaction between a qualified adviser who is knowledgeable and supportive and a serious student who is motivated and receptive. Together they evaluate and plan the student’s course of study. The task of the adviser is to provide guidance and information for the student to make efficient progress in the pursuit of an academic goal. The adviser is responsible for being well informed and ready to provide aid in the selection of specific areas of study and major, minor, general education, and all-college elective courses. The adviser should also help the student interpret administrative policies, fulfill academic requirements, and comply with college regulations. The task of the student is to seek advisement, to understand, and to be responsible for decisions. The student should be familiar with the sources of information on policies, requirements, and regulations. The college bears the responsibility for establishing procedures and providing a setting conducive to good advisement.

Refer to Academic Advisement.