Registration Information

All currently registered students who will continue their studies during the next regular semester are expected to register within two weeks of their first day of registration eligibility. Procedures for registering can be found on the Registrar’s Office website where course listings are posted in March for fall and in October for spring.

Students should check their Buffalo State email accounts regularly, especially during registration. Students on waitlists should check their Buffalo State email at least daily as email notifications are sent when seats become available. All correspondence to faculty members or college staff should be sent from a student’s Buffalo State email account.

To receive accurate information about registration eligibility and to maintain registration eligibility, students should remember the following: 

  • Students subject to possible academic dismissal under probation regulations should register. Students clearly subject to dismissal should not begin a new semester or summer session until the appropriate dean has determined their status.
  • Academic advisement is strongly encouraged for all matriculated students.
  • Students with outstanding financial obligations may not be allowed to register at any time.
  • Not attending the first class meeting does not withdraw a student from a class.
  • Undergraduate students with 2.0 or higher GPAs who discontinue attendance without taking a leave of absence can register for classes without applying for readmission for up to two fall or spring semesters beyond the semester in which they were last registered.