Academic Clemency

Any student with a Buffalo State GPA less than 2.0 is eligible to apply for academic clemency when he or she applies for matriculated readmission to the college through the Admissions Office. The student’s last semester of enrollment must have been at least three years prior to the application for readmission. Students can request clemency for up to two semesters of work (consecutive or nonconsecutive). These semesters are to be determined by the student in consultation with appropriate offices (dean, Educational Opportunity Program, etc.). A decision of clemency includes all coursework taken within the semester(s) at Buffalo State; it is not selectively applied.

Any mathematics or English competency requirements fulfilled during the clemency period will still be recognized. However, any credit hours associated with these requirements will be removed and must be replaced with other coursework.

Clemency is applied only after a student has registered for an upcoming semester.