Basic Communication Requirement

The university requires all matriculated undergraduate students to demonstrate college-level skills in written and oral communication.

Basic Communication Requirement for Freshmen

Entering freshmen will be placed in the appropriate writing-level course through the College Writing Program’s placement policy. Students are placed at one of the three levels:


Basic Communication Exemption

The Writing Program director will forward any basic communication exemptions to the registrar.

CWP 101 and CWP 102 will be graded on an A-through-E basis. A through D are officially passing grades; however, courses with a prerequisite of CWP 101 or CWP 102 require a C or higher in the class. This means that a student cannot enroll in CWP 102 until he or she has earned at least a C in CWP 101 (grades of C- or below do not meet the requirement) Course challenges will not be permitted.

Students who are considering taking a composition course at another institution that they expect will fulfill the Buffalo State basic communication requirement must seek prior permission from the Writing Program director. The basic communication requirement is usually completed by the end of the sophomore year.

Basic Writing Requirement for Transfer Students

If two composition courses equivalent to CWP 101 and CWP 102 are transferred, the basic communication requirement is satisfied. If one composition course equivalent to CWP 101 is transferred, the student must complete CWP 102. If no composition courses are transferred, the student must confer with an academic adviser and follow the requirement stated for freshmen (above). Transfer students must complete the basic communication requirement within their first 45 credit hours at Buffalo State University.

Basic Writing Requirement for International Students

International students registering at Buffalo State are required provide the Admissions Office with English Placement testing scores and in addition may provide SAT/ACT scores. International Students are encouraged to work with their professional advisers and register for the appropriate College Writing Program course(s) designated for nonnative English speakers, CWP 101 ESL and CWP 102 ESL. Individual and group supplemental instruction in English as a Second Language is available through the Writing Center, located in Butler Library.