Declaring an Academic Major

Undergraduate students must declare a major before completing credits that will result in achieving "junior class level" standing (60 hours). It is recommended that all students declare a major upon completing 30 credit hours. Before declaring a major, students should seek the advice of the department chair or the associate dean of the academic school responsible for the major. The Undergraduate Change or Commit Form for Major, Certificate, Minor, Second Major, Dual Degree, or Microcredential is available from the chair, the associate dean, and on the Registrar’s website. Following consultation with the department chair or associate dean, the student must complete the form and file it with the Registrar’s Office.

Some academic programs have special requirements students must meet before being admitted as a major (e.g., fine arts candidates must submit a portfolio of representative work). The department chair or program coordinator can provide information on specific requirements for an intended major.